China Dental Manufacturer Manufacturer

China Dental Manufacturer Manufacture

China Dental Manufacturer Manufacture in China is located in Shenzhen China. After more than ten years development we have grown to be one of the leading lab and serving hundreds of dentists and dental labs for Fixed and Removable prosthetics from all over the world.
Our lab specializes in crowns and bridges, veneers, all ceramic restorations, implant, attachment, orthodontic, full and partial dentures, flexible partial, metal framework and so on. Since 1998, Dental Nice Lab has been exporting products to Europe, United States, and has helped thousands of dentists to restore the oral health and smiles for their patients!
Dental Nice Lab has registered with US FDA and Implement a quality management system that is certified under ISO9001 and ISO13485. We have a number of high qualified senior technicians to guide production technology, which enable our products to get a reliable protection. We are committed to deliver high quality products using only CE Certified materials in our laboratory. We also keep up to date with the latest development to offer you the best and up to date solution for patients. CAD/CAM technology is now playing a very important part to help us simplifying, shortening and perfecting our process for you. Dental Nice Lab is aiming at improving reliability, responsibility and enhancing both the doctor and patient's experience. China Dental Lab China Dentallabor China Dental Laboratory China Dental Products China Zahnlabor Dental Company China Dental Lab China Dental Laboratory China Dentallabor China Dental Lab Shenzhen Dental Products China Digital Dental Lab Digital Dental Lab China Dental Manufacturer China Dental Material China Dental Instruments China Dental Equipments China Dental Factory China Dental Suppliers China. Click Here for Dentalnice Price List

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